The First and Only Mixed-Use Project in Kayseri

BYZ Garage brings together shopping and entertainment in a complex amid the busy tempo of life.  Designed as a mixed structure for offering solutions to the requirements of both shopping center and business world first time in Kayseri, BYZ Garage also has social facilities that cater for the busy tempo of the contemporary life.  Offering both to Kayserians and visitors of the city the comfort of a 5 star hotel and the dynamism of a shopping center at the same time, BYZ Garage makes a difference in Kayseri with its elegant and functional design and the elite domestic and foreign brands in its stores.

Everything in place at BYZ GARAGE… 

- A supermarket that turns shopping into joy with its broad product range 

- An electronic market where you can find every technological product easily 

- A movie theater equipped with the state of the art systems 

- Stores selling domestic and foreign brands 

- Various service points such as dry cleaners and ATMs where you can take care of your daily needs 

- Parking lot and garage

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